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  Mode of Service

At this time, SCC does not provide "walk-in" services but can typically arrange an initial meeting in five to ten business days during the regular semester. To initiate the process please email with your name, phone number, affiliation, and a description of your project. Please note that due to limited resources, we do not provide direct service to students requiring statistical assistance in their research. Graduate students whose research requires statistical support are advised to contact SCC via their faculty advisor who has/can arrange financial resources to support work related to SCC.

   Researcher Requiring Support for a Federal Grant

SCC provides specialized support for medical doctors and other clinical/basic scientists requiring statistical data analysis for federal/private grants. It is recommended that investigators initiate the Statistics/Biostatistics contact as early as possible. This should be done well before the grant/protocol deadline to take full advantage of the available expertise in designing the study. While we advertise the hourly rate of our service upfront, SCC is flexible towards the requirement of new but aspirant researchers without any federal grant. Being a unit of an extensive research department, our broader goal is not just limited to providing consulting support but rather to foster long term research collaboration.

   Authorship in Publications

The Department of Mathematical Sciences is not primarily a "service only" department and scientific research is always given the top most priority. The mechanism used to provide support does not alter the collaborative atmosphere. The contribution of each person needs to be evaluated as a manuscript is prepared. Consideration for authorship should be based on the accepted criteria for most scientific journals. While it is impossible to define give an definition of such authorship in general, it should be clear that reimbursement for time does not preclude or replace authorship.

   Financial Arrangements for Statistical Support

At present, there exist two modes of monetary agreement for receiving statistical support from SCC:

1. Direct support for named individuals with NIH/NSF and other agencies                

2. Statistical service support on an hourly basis 

The direct support amount varies as it depends upon specific faculty salary and is the preferred mode of activity for most faculty researchers. The hourly rates are provided below. Please note that our graduate student supports always work under faculty supervision.


  IU/Non Profit Org. For Profit Org.
PhD Faculty $120 $150
Grad Students $40 $50


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