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The staff at Statistics Consulting Center is made up of statistics faculty members and graduate students in statistics or biostatistics. The list below groups faculty members according to their areas of research interests.
   Dr. Achut Adhikari
PhD, University of Northern Colorado (2014)
Research Intertests: nonparametric statistics, power analysis, sample size determination.

   Dr. Benzion Boukai
PhD in Statistics, SUNY Binghamton (1988)
Research Intertests: statistical inference, sequential analysis, bayesian-frequentist interface

   Dr. Honglang Wang
        Assistant Professor
PhD, Michigan State University (2015)
Research Intertests: functional data analysis, nonparametric statistics, high dimensional statistical inference, empirical likelihood, statistical genetics/genomics.

   Dr. Fang Li
Associate Professor
PhD in Statistics, Michigan State University (2004)
Research Intertests: nonparametric models, kernel smoothing techniques, time series, stochastic process

   Dr. Fei Tan
Assistant Professor
PhD in Biostatistics, Florida State University (2007)
Research Intertests: survival analysis, modeling of correlated binary data, mixed effects model
   Dr. Hanxiang Peng, PhD
          Associate Professor
PhD in Mathematical Statistics, SUNY Binghamton (2001)
Research Interests: asymptotic theory, robust regression and data mining, modeling of correlated binary data, survival analysis
   Dr. Jyotirmoy Sarkar
Professor and Director of SCC
PhD, University of Michigan (1990)
Research Interests: sequential design and estimation, reliability and availability of maintained systems, applied probability and enumeration, and location theory in economics statistics, multivariate analysis
   Dr. Wei Zheng
Assistant professor
PhD, University of Illinois, (2011)
Research Interests: experimental designs, time series analysis


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